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Frequently Asked Questions


Here at Sayenchi we are often asked for similar information on a regular basis so we would love to share a couple of the most commonly asked question with you all to give you more of an insight on what goes on in the Sayenchi world.


Why did you choose to keep and breed Chihuahuas?


Great question! We didn't anticipate on having Chihuahuas as a breed at all it was as much of a surprise to us as it was the Chihuahua breed. We initially bought a Bichon x Shih Tzu called Belle off a fantastic lady called Beverley Walbey of Salfian Chihuahuas and upon visiting her house we met her family of Chihuahuas and was hooked instantly! It was love upon first sight and I knew I had to have them in my life. I went on to buy long coat Chihuahuas off Bev and have learn't most of what I know about the breed from this amazing woman whom I have all the time in the world for so I blame her of my Chihuahua obsession.


Which make better pets, long or smooth coats?


If I'm 100% honest with you, they BOTH make fantastic companions. Both long and smooth coated Chi's are loyal, faithful, intelligent and no one is more high maintenance than the other. 


What do you feed your dogs/pups?


We feed dry food and either puppy mousse or pressed food on a daily basis to our dogs, also adding a little raw meat but vary their diets with additional extras such as certain fruits, vegetables, fish, bones and many other household foods such as porridge, scrambled eggs, mixed beans and pulses etc...
See our "
Advise Sheets" section for more info.


What whelping box do you use?


Our whelping box is a custom built, PVC setup from a company called 'SnowSilk'. A link to their website is available (along with many others) on our "LINKS" section of the website. As the pups then get older, they are moved to open top pens which allow easy access for socialisation and cleaning.


What do your pups leave with and when?


All of our pups leave us at 10-12 weeks old with their KC registration paperwork (unless otherwise stated), a 5 generation pedigree, vet card showing their FULL set of vaccinations, are wormed at 2, 5, 8 and 10 weeks, flea treated, microchipped (using a mini microchip), a large comprehensive puppy pack containing all of our advice sheets, puppy sales contract, endorsements contract (if supplied at time of sale) a soft fleece scent blanket, several toys, many different treats, a grooming brush and a Eden starter kit including a FREE bag of puppy food, a food measure, Forthglade tray & exclusive access to info on all our products and services available!


Do Chihuahuas get on with other dogs?


All of our Chihuahuas get on with other dogs. Sometimes they will bark at them or shy away but they never show signs of aggression! This is due to correct socialisation from an early age and them being allowed to play with other dogs of different sizes. Please be aware, they are only small so must not be left unsupervised with any dog they aren't familiar with (regardless of size) as this can result in fighting, injury and can scare your new pup causing them to be frightened, yappy or worse snappy with dogs in the future.


Do Chihuahuas get on with children?


Again, all of my Chihuahuas are fine with Children and I don't have children myself so this is something they aren't constantly in contact with. If a Chihuahua is socialised correctly and the child/children are gentle with the pup/dog then I see no reason why a Chihuahua couldn't be a valued member of your family.


Are Chihuahuas better on their own or in pairs?


My Chihuahuas are kept in a pack as they are naturally pack animals. Single Chi's can get on just fine on their own BUT please be careful you don't mother your dog too much! This can result in needy, nervous and even agressive behaviour within your pup/dog as they can become territorial if allowed to. A well socialised and trained single Chi will get on perfectly fine.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to keep 2 or more Chihuahuas together, then I would highly recommend this. Chihuahuas are naturally playful little dogs and LOVE company meaning they may get lonely on their own. I find that my Chihuahuas all get on perfectly well as a group (albeit they do have the odd little tiff but aside that, 99% of the time are all best friends) and happily snuggle up together, play together, eat together etc... but again, I cannot stress how important it is to ensure the correct training is instilled into your pet at an early age to make this kind of living possible.


Should I use a crate with my Chihuahua?


Some individuals don't agree with crating dogs and that is fine, everyone is entitled to thier own opinion. I however crate train my pups from an early age and create a balanced lifestyle of both play time, socialsation time, feeding time and sleep time where all my pups are taught to play out of their crates and then sleep in a crate a night. This then gives them a space that they can call "home" or "bed" what ever you would like to call it, to which all of mine take themselves off to bed at night time to thier crates even if the doors are open and they will climb inside and snuggle down for the night. This keeps them safe from harms way, they can't get themselves into trouble AND if you get a crate large enough to have room for a bed, food and water bowl and a puppy pad it makes toilet training at night time much easier in my experience.


I have other questions I'd like to ask that aren't listed here before buying a Sayenchi puppy! 


No problem at all! We offer a life time of help and advise to any potential or actual Sayenchi puppy owners and are happy to help with any issues you may have or any questions you may want to ask. Just visit the "CONTACT US" page of the website for way to get in touch with us directly.