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Sayenchi Videos

A few clips of our dogs and pups in action....enjoy!

Sayenchi = Quality.

Just look at the quality of one of our pups we bred here at Sayenchi Chihuahuas.

Time for food.

Feeding the babies Forthglade.

Just look at that face!

Beautiful little black tri bitch with dark markings on her face. Gorgeous.

Excited Puppies.

Sayenchi Pearl Celebration and Sayenchi Chempak Rose having a mad 5 minutes.

Bath Time!

Bathing a blow drying the pups with our doggy blaster.

*CAUTION: Loud sound levels on video!*

Pups mad 5 minutes.

Some of our latest pups playing at 8 weeks old and into everything as you can see.

Play Fighting!

The puppies here are being rather vocal when play fighting. All bark and no bite!

Pups Playing

Pups at 4 weeks old just starting to learn to play.

First Solid Feed.

Chocolate pups have their first solid feed and they find it all very exciting.

Feeding Time!

The pups are trying to get to grips with eating solid food, not sure it's quite going to plan here.

Up to mischief!

Cheeky little ones clearly very happy to see us. Our first smooth coat puppy too.

Little bundles of cuteness.

Still only small but not phased by anything, just too cute as the title says.

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